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Will this also get a Linux version like the main game did?


Please port it to web! I don't have Windows or Mac. Only a chromebook.

just install WINE and then you can run windows applications

I don't have Google Play Store :(

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Question about the RDRPG project featured in the screenshots: Where is it?

we need r20 on april 20 so i can move the windows

close enough


oh! seems i can't afford rhythm doctor, gonna download this to see if the game runs, or either i will have true fun in this.

I can't save my level, so I can't add songs.

If I click save, the windows just disappear without saving.

It as also as 'save as'

How do I fix rhythm doctor

you continus update the level editor?

Hi, yes. Right now we're focused on the main game release on Steam, which launches on February 26th, and comes with a new editor version. We'll update the free editor most likely the following month.

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Then put it on browser in case it doesn't download

What do you mean by that?

If it does NOt download Put THe game on BROWser

then how can you upload the levels / download the levels in the browser? There is no servers for this.

My computer won't let me download r18a. It keeps saying things like "Download error", "Virus scan failed", "Removed", stuff like that.



2020, Rhythm doctor almost released, Alot of games releasing good stuff. Basically the gaming year.

When does the game release on steam? I have been waiting for almost an year, cause I love the game so much.

Febuary 2021!

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Yes, exactly :D

how can i put on fullscreen? i click and nothing

hi, it's disabled for this free version, sorry!

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hi, which old version?


You want an old version?
If you join the official discord, you can open the link!


I'm using the level editor, but can't add music to my level. How do I do that?

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1. Save your level.
2. Go to the "Sounds" tab (you should be there already, or you can press 1 to go there).
3. Click on the timeline grid to create an event. A menu will appear, click "Play Song".
4. Click on the folder button and look for the music file you want to use for the level.
5. That's it! Rewind and click the Play button.

You can also follow this tutorial: