Apple iOS users: Please play through this link, because the game on has some trouble recognizing repeated touches.

Calibration: the default should work, but:

- Recommended: 100ms for Windows, 75ms for Mac, 120ms for Android (on older Android phones, Android Chrome may have stuttering audio, try using Android Firefox)

- if you keep seeing lots of "Early!", decrease the calibration a little to move the timing window earlier. And if you're seeing lots of "Late!", increase it more to move the timing window later.

This is a one-button rhythm game made as a present to dvdfu for their birthday. The game itself is a fangame of their upcoming game, Chiki's Chase.



We are all part of 7th Beat Games

Special thanks:

  • dvdfu - happy birthday!
  • eruonna - reference sound playback code

You can also check the source code here.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(25 total ratings)
Authorsgiacomopc, fizzd
Made withPICO-8
Tagsone-button, PICO-8, Roguelite
AccessibilityOne button


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amazing game but i keep getting oranges and watermelons in very easy tho

I really think there should be a tutorial because I cannot figure this game out for the life of me.  I'm  not sure if I use multiple buttons or just one, it's so confusing and frustrating. I literally only made this account to complain. (sorry not sorry)

To be fair, maybe this is a category of games that only fans will understand, but I can't enjoy this cute game because I'm gritting my teeth and wrinkling my eyebrows wondering how the hell do I play.

The Watermelons are extremely hard to do on a difficulty higher than medium.

I suggest using all z, x, c, and v keys for any fruit that comes as a challenge

you can also use m and n keys too!

HOW DO YOU GET THE BANANAS btw nice game really like it I enjoyed the beat with it it helped me with a little rage


I really like how the tune of the different fruits somehow fits to the music whenever. Very fun game!


Fun litle game. I suck at it lol. But I had a good time. Keep up the good work! 

thanks for the video! really cool to see how its like for someone to get how the game works across a play session


bug report: I’ve noticed a lot of grapes showing up in place of oranges, and possibly vice-versa. This seems to happen mainly for the first fruit in each sequence? I’m playing at “normal” difficulty

wrong fruit


thanks pancelor, was a mixup with some arrays and scheduling, fixed now! (on itch)


This game is amazing!


this is so fun! the characters are really cute. I particularly like the rabbit

(1 edit) (+3)

this is amazing for a small game (and that fact that it's pretty replayable and has randomized funky beats amazing)


super cute and fun! i like little games you can start in a second and just spend a few minutes pressing buttons (or i guess in this case, a single button)!


Actually fun to play, reminds me of Rhythm Heaven Minigames, just play this when you're bored! 


That was super fun and the graphics are very cute. Loved the song! I got 20 :)